Stoneyford Reservoir

Stoneyford reservoir is located about six miles from Lisburn town centre. It is relatively quiet and away from any disturbances or noise of any sort, which makes Stoneyford an ideal fishing area.

The fish caught in Stoneyford are both Rainbow and Brown Trout. The Rainbow Trout caught in Stoneyford can range from as little as one pound to as much as seven pounds. In May 97, local fisherman David English, caught a record nine pound Rainbow Trout. The brown trout that can be landed in the reservoir can range from just under a pound to as much as five pounds. The Brown Trout in Stoneyford are not known to be 'good fighters', but the larger rainbow trout must only be attempted to be caught if you are an experienced fisher person or have a good quality rod!


The best method of catching these fish is varies according to the time of year.  Early in the fishing season (March - May) it is best to fish 'on the bottom' and later on in the year (May - December) it is best to fish using a float. 

The only bait that is allowed to be used in Stoneyford is Worms, that can be purchased in the local fishing tackle shop, Guns And Tackle. A minority prefer to fish at Stoneyfrord using fly-fishing. This is how the majority of big fish are caught.

Overall, Stoneyford Reservoir is both a convenient and enjoyable fishing venue for any fisher person, whether they are a beginner or an advanced fisher.

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