Maze Primary School
8 Kesh Road
BT27 5RP

Tel/Fax: 01846 621739
Principal : Paul Good
Chairman of Board of Governors :
Rev. P. Galbraith


Maze Primary School is a small rural school on the outskirts of Lisburn. The original building was built in the late 1800's by St. Matthew's Church of Ireland, Broomhedge, and still belongs to them. It is a red brick building and contains one resource room, one classroom, an office, a staffroom, kitchen and toilets. The ninety-six pupils are housed between the main school and 3 mobile classrooms.

There are four permanent teachers, one part-time teacher and three classroom assistants. The principal is Mr Paul Good and has been at the school for 2 years. Mrs F. Sinton is the Primary one teacher, Mrs C. Compton takes P2/3, Miss A. Campbell P4/5 and Mr G. Cherry P6/7. Mrs C. McRobert is the principal release teacher and also covers the Special Educational Needs classes.

The school day begins at 9.05am and ends at 2.00pm, for P1-3, and 2.50pm, P4-7. The main components of the curriculum take up most of the day, e.g. Maths, English, Science etc, but there is also time for musical performances, school trips, Scripture Union, sports coaches, cookery, computer club and lots more!

In recent years the school has achieved many different things. 1999 saw the school being chosen as the "Best Kept Small School". The hockey team has been successful in reaching the "Northern Ireland Hockey Finals", two years in a row. The team has also won the "Ulster Bank Shield" and in football they have dominated the small schools leagues and tournaments. The girl's netball team has also won the small school's netball league and hosts its own Round Robin tournament every June. The P6/7 general knowledge team has been runners up, two years in a row, in the finals of "Top of the Form."

We have a very committed and strong Parent Teachers Association, which raises money for school funds. They do this by organising sponsored events, discos, Christmas fairs and lots more fun activities. The school fund money is used to buy equipment such as photocopiers and computers. It is also used to take the all the pupils on a treat, each Christmas, to the cinema. Not only does the PTA raise money it is also a good way for the parents and teachers to meet together in a social capacity.

Being a small school has many benefits. We all know each other and are aware of each other's needs. Each pupil is seen as an individual and given a chance to develop in his or her own particular way. At Christmas and in June the pupils are responsible for a Christmas Carol service and then a musical performance, e.g. Joseph. All children in the school are involved in these productions and are given the chance to perform. This increases their confidence and helps in their enjoyment of the whole school idea.

Maze Primary School is definitely an amazing wee school.

By P7 pupils